Welcome to Gondwana

An immersion in a land time remembers but we forget

This thing educates people about Gondwana, a lost supercontinent long ago passed from the Earth.

Look up. Look down. Gondwana surrounds you

Gondwana, an ancient supercontinent that split up long, long ago explains why many continents share similar plant species even though they're thousands of kilometers apart. Plate techtonics meets botany.

This exhibit would have explained the links between plants, plate techtonics and ancient continents. Interactive exhibits nested under an overhead structure showing the present-day continents and how they fitted together to form Gondwana.

The result

Something really tall won. I think it was red. Or was it a henge thing made of piles of rocks?

Strangely enough, this did lead to a design award. We met someone at the reception who convinced us to enter the San Francisco Home & Garden Show. We did. We won bronze. Huzzah!