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Sustainable Dwellings

Fantasy mushrooms or wind-cooled domes

Another competition, this time for sustainable housing in hot areas. One concept went up on poles, the other harnessed the wind for cooling.

Get high.

One of our concepts was a giant flower that harvested energy from its environment, raised and lowered itself for security (and to take advantage of breezes).

Keep your feet on the ground.

The other concept was modular fired adobe huts (or straw bales) with swiveling roofs similar to hop kilns for natural air conditioning.

Enjoy your Spam.

Perhaps more of a way of getting designers' e-mails from all over the world than a real competition, this thing was sponsored by some educational facility in Spain. Create sustainable dwellings that fit into their environment, use local materials, etc. etc.

I think something looking very much like a condominium won.

It's been years since we entered this thing, and they still send me e-mail... but never invitations to go to Spain and nosh tapas with them. Que lastima.